Case Studies


The presenter was the most fun person in regards to HIPAA that I have ever seen. She is a trip. Love the southern expressions.

M.R. - Regional Sales Manager - BA

“I feel like I’m so far behind in my compliance after just the first couple of sessions with Kardon. I can’t wait for the next webinar!”

P.C. - Practice Administrator - CE

I’m so glad I have someone to help me through this. There’s no way I would have done this on my own

S.L. - Office Manager - CE

After the first webinar, I realize how much we still need to do to be fully HIPAA compliant.

T.G. - Billing Manager - BA

I do feel that the information presented in the [webinar] was eye opening and really gave us a good ground to go off of. Without someone making me think about all the different angles of being HIPAA compliant I don’t feel that I would have been able to come up with half the information we did. The worksheets and examples were very helpful too. The important thing is all the guidance you get throughout this process. And I feel you nailed that part.

A.B. - Newly Appointed Compliance Officer - CE

HIPAA!! Not a very easy word, especially for a small practice. Kardon Compliance has helped make HIPAA much easier to say. The coaching program has been great. It takes the huge subject of Security and breaks it down into categories much easier to work with. The Kardon [Team] is there with you all the way, helping and encouraging you to develop your policies and procedures. HIPAA is not a subject we small practices can ignore. I have found it is not something I can tackle on my own. Kardon Compliance is devoted to making us all HIPAA compliant. Call them today!!

J.W. - Practice Administrator - CE

I received a compliance questionnaire from a client. I didn’t know the answers to all of the questions. What impressed me most was the professional format of the request and the details my client was seeking. As a Business Associate, I not only realized I needed help, but I saw how much was required of me and my company to understand HIPAA, never mind prove our compliance. I signed up for the next session.

S.C. - Business Owner - BA