Donna Grindle Speaker HIPAA

Donna Grindle is a featured speaker at conferences, forums, organization meetings, webinars, and more.  She can be heard speaking on topics ranging from general business cybersecurity to complex HIPAA topics for Compliance Officers.
Donna’s presentation style is different than a speaker you usually hear on topics like HIPAA and cybersecurity programs.  We get comments like these after speaking engagements on a frequent basis.

The presenter was the most fun person in regards to HIPAA that I have ever seen. She is a trip. Love the southern expressions.Regional Sales Manager
I have never paid that much attention in an HIPAA class before!Conference Attendee

Below is a list of some of her upcoming and previous speaking engagements. If you would like Donna to be a speaker for your organization or event, send us an email or just fill out the contact form on our site.

You can also download a copy of Donna’s speaker bio here.

Upcoming Featured Speaker Engagements
Previous Featured Speaker Engagements