What is a BA supposed to do for HIPAA?  Should my training be the same as for my CEs?

Compliance Coaching Program for Business Associates

Discover what is required of you as a Business Associate.  A Business Associate (BA) includes any person who “Creates, Receives, Maintains, or Transmits” protected health information (PHI) on behalf of a covered entity (CE) or another BA. Due to the changes implemented with the Omnibus Final Rule in 2013, we have become more involved in assisting Business Associates. With the Final Rule changing liability for Business Associates, we offer not only an overview of how the law affects your business, but provide HIPAA Compliance guidance for how you should do business in the medical arena.

As a Business Associate, you have your own compliance to manage, but most don’t know where to begin. What should you have known? What must you do, and by when? Do you know what your ‘new’ responsibilities are as they relate to your Business Associate Agreement and Breach Notification procedures?

Modeled after the Quickstart Coaching program for CE’s the series consists of an hour long webinar one week followed by a ½ hour one-on-one coaching call the following week. The webinar series uses the ComplyAssistant document management software with our worksheet system to make the collection of data easier to manage in “small bites”.  Take this quick survey to determine if you are considered to be a BA.

Are you a provider of IT Services for HIPAA CEs and BAs?

We have partnered with HIPAAforMSPs.com to develop a program of training, certifications, HIPAA compliant vendor information, and more.

We started as a technology company that became a Compliance company.  You need to understand both your HIPAA compliance requirements as well as your clients.  Our unique perspective helps you understand both plus helps you build your business with the proper training, tools, and resources.  Visit HIPAAforMSPs.com for membership options and access to our certification and training program developed specifically for IT Service providers who must deal with HIPAA.


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