Helping you meet your training obligations with our customizable Workforce Training Portal and Security Awareness Program for CEs and BAs.

HIPAA compliance training is a legal necessity for all medical practices and their business associates. But while you are diligent about acquiring and maintaining the required training, are you able to prove that you have a culture of compliance? Can you demonstrate at a corporate level that you are properly compliant? This is a problem many practices and businesses like yours face – you need a training program so you can prove you are participating in compliance training, but don’t have the time to build it and document it. K-Complete solves the problem simply and completely.


K-Complete is a customizable dashboard that allows you to track, monitor and maintain your compliance training requirements and records in real time. Your workforce can perform online training activities, then submit and track their results. Managers are able to monitor each participant’s progress and create reports for complete HIPAA compliance documentation.  

Customized – Portal is customized for your practice. Add your logo and edit the color palette to create your own look and feel.
Workforce Training – Your workforce can perform online training activities. and then submit and track their results. Training is updated consistently.
New Hire Training – Basic HIPAA training for new hires and temps. Create and track operational and HR training for new staff members.
Role-based Training Modules – Provide direct and specific training for the front office, clinicians, accounting, IT, providers, the executive team and more.
Merlin2525_Due_Business_Stamp_1 75Manage and Monitor – Managers are able to monitor each participant’s progress and create reports for complete HIPAA compliance documentation.
yes-238374_75Quizzes – All Workforce members must pass quizzes to confirm they understand the information and requirements.
A_Filing_Cabinet 75Up-to-Date Documentation – Real time monitoring and reporting alerts sent to management when results are in. Record and track training results.
education-36911_75Results Oriented Training – Execute and manage retraining programs for low scores. Practices can add and track their own internal compliance training programs.
plus 75Add-ons – K-Complete can be fully customized to incorporate add-ons and plug-ins that foster more efficient practice operations that save you time and money.
calendar-162126_75Internal calendars – Avoid 2nd guessing for your practices: Share and view vacation schedules, office closings, doctors’ office locations, etc.
check-list2 75Internal forms – Create and submit vacation requests, updates in policies and procedures, approvals, etc. Upload standard forms used for easy centralized access.
message 75Internal messaging – Send and receive instant messages (IM’s) between staff within the practice. You can now quickly communicate important messages between the staff privately.
traffic-sign-209197_75Security Awareness Collateral – This includes printable collateral materials that can be posted and shared in office to serve as reminders of HIPAA compliance procedures.
video card75.Customized Training Videos – Recorded training sessions customized to your individual practice can be added. Procedures, equipment instructions and safety checklists, etc.
online-presentation 75x75Webinars – Live training on particular security topics, latest updates to HIPAA compliance and other relevant subjects keep you up to date and in the know.
Coaching calls: Schedule calls to guide and answer questions on compliance and resolve issues. Calls will help keep you on track, whatever your individual needs may be.

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