The ‘national average’ doesn’t work for you. Barbara does, and Dennis does. So why use training models that Barbara and Dennis may not benefit from? Does your staff know what to be mindful of, aware of or beware of… at your facility? As a smaller practice or business, does an enterprise solution really reflect YOUR business model. Now, there’s a complete solution for your practice.

First, there was K-Comply powered by ComplyAssistant which provides Compliance Officers with the training and tools they need to build and maintain a HIPAA compliance program.

A proper and thorough Security Risk Analysis should cover threats from all 3 safeguards; administrative, physical AND technical. And it should be yours, capturing your scenarios specific to your environment. A Security Risk Analysis is a very detailed report, and often difficult to understand. How do you take the results from your analysis, sort through it and prioritize your first step, and each subsequent one? And how do you trickle down these steps to Barb and Dennis?

Last year, we launched K-Comply.  A Security Risk Analysis with a really enjoyable twist.   ComplyAssistant is the backbone of the management plan providing the project management, documentation, and event management tools to keep everything documented properly and accessible to all who need it.

Then we added K-Complete Training Portal which provides a customizable portal for workforce training plus a security awareness plan designed to prompt the Compliance Officers with exactly what to do for training and awareness sessions.

Just as our Compliance Officer training takes this humongous law called HIPAA and fine tunes it down to what is reasonable and appropriate for your environment, the K-Complete staff training modules break down HIPAA for your team.

Your staff doesn’t need to know all that you do, and your admin staff may not need to know all that your clinicians do. And your providers don’t even know where to begin. That’s why they have you. Well. K-Complete offers more than your basic HIPAA training that you can find almost anywhere online. The program offers additional courses needed to address the workforce roles in your company; training that reflects what actually happens in your office suite every working hour of every crammed day. And… these modules are yours, in your portal.

All the tools you need for HIPAA compliance management and training are available through Kardon Compliance and our affiliates.  We will even train your BAs to get them on board with HIPAA!