Managing your day-to-day business demands is challenging enough without also having to continually worry about properly managing your HIPAA compliance. At Kardon Technology, we’ve created a solution to help take some of the pain out of this process. While many HIPAA compliance service providers provide only an assessment and leave you with a long to-do list, our team is different. Not only will we help you identify what you need to do to become HIPAA compliant, we’ll help you get there. K-Comply powered by ComplyAssistant is a specialized collection of services and products that help you identify, track and manage your HIPAA and HITECH compliance with the ease of just a few mouse clicks and professional help to find your way. Using the powerful ComplyAssistant software, policies, security procedures and employee training can all be documented and filed for quick and easy retrieval so you can efficiently stay on top of potential security risks and outline a plan for remediation. Throughout the process, the Kardon team will be there to provide regular guidance and training on how to become and remain up-to-date, customizing their recommendations to your HIPAA compliance status and needs. Contact Us for details.  Our K-Comply services and products include:

– ComplyAssistant compliance tracking software

– Weekly compliance monitoring and advisory

– 90-Day QuickStart Compliance Coaching Program

– 30-Day self audit program

– 60-Day security rule implementation program

– Customized HIPAA training for compliance officers and staff

With K-Comply powered by ComplyAssistant, you create a checklist of tasks that helps you stay current with your HIPAA compliance activity:

– Customizable surveys:  Create your own survey questions for your staff, business partners or business associates or use those generated by K-Comply.

– Easy and secure administration:   Send the surveys directly to your staff, business partners and business associates via email using a secure link, allowing them to complete and submit surveys from any workstation.

– Real-time monitoring and analysis:   Monitor audits and survey progress, assign risk levels and ask or respond to questions while HIPAA documentation is updated as you go.  You have to prove you are working on your compliance and ComplyAssistant provides the tool for managing your documentation and even sends you email reminders.

To learn more about K-Comply powered by ComplyAssistant and how these services and products can help you with the latest in HIPAA HITECH compliance regulations, Contact Us.