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Cybersecurity in the age of HIPAA is no laughing matter!

And it applies to more than medical practitioners and hospitals too.


The number of businesses or medical practices that have experienced a breach while thinking they are secure and HIPAA compliant is staggering and on the rise.

HIPAA compliance is not a checklist to complete and forget. Effective privacy and security are an ongoing process. At Kardon, we work with medical practices and business associates in Georgia and around the U.S. to ensure they have robust privacy and security programs to protect patient information and their businesses as a whole.

Don’t be one of the 83% of healthcare organizations that report a STRONG negative impact to their reputation and bottom line after a data breach. Contact us today to discuss your situation and see how we can help you protect patient data, meet HIPAA requirements, and train everyone on your team to be vigilant and committed to patient privacy.  Our services include HIPAA consulting, training, security assessments and more.


How We Help

HIPAA Consulting

Customized solutions adapted to meet your needs!



Find out where your program currently stands.


Kardon training covers much more than the basics.


The help you need, when you need it.


Reviews, audits, updated policies and procedures are just a few of the projects where Kardon helps.


Software tools can be hard to find and sort out. Kardon has partners who provide tools to help manage privacy and security.


Presentations on privacy and security topics that are informative and engaging for any organization.



Who We Help

Privacy and security matters to all businesses.


Healthcare Providers

Day in and day out you deal with a great deal of patient data that must be protected, and your patients trust that you will take care of both them and their information. Kardon provides you with the ongoing training and support needed to ensure that your patient’s information is thoroughly protected.

Medical Facilities

Are you a medical facility that houses multiple healthcare professionals? If so, you are required to establish and follow your own privacy procedures to protect the data of the patients that pass through your doors. We assist you by assessing your status, training your teams on the ins and outs of compliance, and helping you meet the requirements set forth by federal and state regulations.

Business Associates

As someone who provides services to healthcare providers and medical facilities, you often have access to sensitive patient health information. Therefore HIPAA compliance regulations apply to you as much as the providers you serve. In addition to avoiding fines and the embarrassment of a breach, creating security policies and protocols keeps you competitive and makes you a more attractive option for the healthcare providers and facilities.

Technology & Software Companies

Kardon partners with technology and software companies that work with healthcare providers, medical facilities, and business associates to ensure that the technology services and software products they provide complies with the security and privacy regulations defined by HIPAA. We advise and review technology and software in progress to ensure it functions as it should to protect patient data, as well as educating these clients on how to ensure patient privacy is built into their work going forward.

Free HIPAA Training Weekly

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