Are Pandemics Included In Your Risk Analysis?

covid 19

Recently, Donna and David really drove home the importance of having a thorough and complete Risk Analysis Plan and why it is important to have a strong Business Continuity Plan.  I don’t know about you, but this is the scariest time I can remember.  Why?  Because of all the scary things I have lived through that have affected this nation and world like 911, the Iraq War, tsunamis, etc. this pandemic is hitting closer to home. Thank goodness no one I know personally has COVID-19, but just like you, my way of living has been disrupted.  Just the fear of someone I love getting sick is adding to my stress level.  Now, if we think about where we are right now, ask yourself this question.  If I could go back to two months ago, what would I do to prepare for a pandemic?  For me, I’d like to have more money in my savings account, have a freezer full of frozen veggies and meat, and for sure I would have a closet full of toilet paper!  As a medical practice, maybe you would have implemented a plan for telehealth.  Maybe you would already have a plan to stock enough PPE for your staff for at least 2 months.  Maybe you would have a plan to allow some of your staff to work from home instead of having to come to the office each day.  So, what tool would have helped you think and plan for this pandemic? A Risk Analysis!!

HHS has released special guidelines regarding this pandemic, but do they say throw HIPAA and privacy and security out the window…… NO!!  Listen to episode 245 of the Help Me With HIPAA podcast on Privacy, Security, and COVID-19 to hear Donna and David discuss managing the panic, dealing with bandwidth issues, the increasing number of cyberattacks, reviewing your Business Continuity plans, the importance of vetting your business associates and making sure they have a thorough Risk Analysis too and much more.