National Cybersecurity Awareness Month – Week 4

Own Your Online PresenceCheck out this week’s topic of the National Cybersecurity Awareness Month (NCASM): The Future of Connected Devices.  The only way we have a chance of combating the threats of tomorrow is by creating a culture of security today.  In 2022 it is estimated that over 63 million homes will qualify as “SMART” homes, and by 2030 the average consumer will own around 15 connected devices.  These forecasts of IoT devices is why it is so important to each and every person to take privacy and security seriously.  Cybercriminals do and they are becoming more and more sophisticated each day.  Educating end users on how it takes layers of security to properly secure their privacy is the best defense we have. To learn more, check out these tips and resources:

THE FUTURE OF IoT – a short video to share

Also share from the STOP|THINK|CONNECT campaign for tips, advice, and additional resources for everyone. Here is a great example: BASIC TIPS AND ADVICE