New HIPAA Incentive

What the heck is HR 7898 and why is it a good thing if you are already a client of Kardon? Listen to the Help Me With HIPAA podcast episode 286, New HIPAA Safe Harbor, to learn why Kardon’s current clients are now ahead of the game.

Even if you are not a current client of Kardon, you should still care about this bill. HR 7898 gives medical practices and business associates guidance on how to create and implement consistent “recognized security practices.” Businesses that follow these clearly defined guidelines are assumed to be doing their best to properly protect important data. So, if a breach does occur, fines and other penalties might be reduced if you can show that you have had the proper policies and procedures in place for at least the previous 12 months.

Now to why Kardon’s current clients are doing a happy dance… Because they are already on the right path. Kardon has been applying the NIST CSF guidelines for years and Donna and David have been talking about the NIST CSF and other frameworks on their Help Me With HIPAA podcast regularly. Kardon’s Security Risk Analysis, Assessment reports, Policy and Procedures Solution all reference the NIST CSF. Kardon’s newly released Healthcare Security Awareness Training video series is built specifically to follow the Health Industry Cybersecurity Practices (HICP) 5 main threats in cybersecurity as defined by the 405d taskforce. Not to mention Donna and David are on the 405d taskforce, so they are directly a part of all the recommendations.

If you are not a current client of Kardon and want to have a crash course on all things HIPAA, privacy and security, sign up to attend our next virtual The HIPAA Boot Camp conference February 23rd, 24th, and 25th. Donna and David will cover NIST CSF, HICP, and many imperative topics to your privacy and security program. Plus, and this is a secret so don’t tell anyone, but there will be an offering to this group of boot campers that has never been offered before. That is all I can say, you have to come to The HIPAA Boot Camp to learn more to receive this awesome opportunity. Oh, one more thing… The HIPAA Boot Camp is being updated to add even more awesome information. So, if you have attended one in the past, it is worth coming back. Remember, Alumni get special pricing!

For more information on why you should care about this new HIPAA incentive, what are “recognized security practices,” and how Kardon can help you take advantage of this opportunity, check out the “Recognized Security Practices” page on our website.