Are Cyber Attacks Really That Bad?

In The Help Me With HIPAA podcast Is it really that bad? – Ep 309, Donna and David explore the question of whether the cybersecurity landscape is really as bad as the news from everywhere is making it sound? Well, yes, yes it is, end of blog.

Just kidding!

Seriously, the cybersecurity landscape is extremely scary, is ever changing and attacks continue to get worse. In the podcast discussion, David talks about one of his vendors who had created a great training video to share with people to explain how ransomware works just to help make people aware. Great idea, but by the time the video was ready to be released, the information was already out of date. The bad actors are continuously changing their methods. You used to only have to worry about protecting the data on your computer and servers, but the criminals are going after everything that touches the internet and that is a lot of stuff… medical devices, mobile phones, TV’s, surveillance cameras, and the list goes on and on.

Unfortunately, the threats are not only external. Donna mentions a recent report about how a former information technology administrator at Gwinnett Medical Center in Georgia was terminated and has now pled guilty to one count of causing damage to a protected computer system. How did Mr. Levi Delgado do that? Well, Gwinnett Medical Center did disable his access when he was terminated, but with Levi being the former Information Technology Administrator, he knew of a few other ways to gain access to Gwinnett Medical Center’s systems. Insiders are a threat too. Listen to this podcast episode to hear what things you should think about BEFORE you terminate an employee or business partner.

Threats to privacy and security are everywhere and yes, it is as bad as it seems. Keep listening to The Help Me With HIPAA podcast for tips that might help you protect yourself and your business reputation.