Taking the Team Approach

Who is on your team when it comes to privacy and security in your company? Anyone who touches a connected device, says Donna. And she is correct. Listen to Taking the Team Approach to Privacy and Security – Ep. 333 to hear about a very insightful report released by Shred-it.  

Donna and David were very impressed with information in the Shred-it Annual Data Protection Report. The report spotlights gaps and opportunities in both physical and digital data protection.  Donna and David cover a myriad of really frightening statistics that could be very helpful in motivating management to invest in the privacy and security program.

It is pretty scary that many businesses still do not have an incident response plan.  Yes, it takes time and resources, but one eye opening statistic from the report shows “…the estimated cost of a data breach is $13,786 per day…” Most businesses might look at this statistic and wonder how in the world would it cost that much a day?  Well, just think if you are hit with a ransomware attack and your data gets deleted.  You can’t see patients that day and probably for weeks.  How much is that going to cost you?  When will you be back up and running?  What is your cyber insurance coverage?  Who is your contact and how do you get a hold of them? These are just some of the things you will find in an incident response plan.  Don’t wait for a disaster to happen to figure out the answers to these questions. Create a plan now!  Review and update it regularly.  Everyday you are down costs money. Most of all, it is damaging your business’ reputation.  

Listen to this episode of The Help Me With HIPAA podcast to learn seven very good points that can help your business prepare a good defense to prevent a data breach.  Not only would this save time and money, but it really could save your business.