Vacation and Holiday Security Tips

Let’s get real about vacations and holidays – they’re not a free pass to toss security out the window. Nope, it’s actually prime time to be a security ninja, watching out for yourself and your gear. Donna and David are spilling the beans on all things security in the Help Me With HIPAA podcast Vacay and Holiday Security Tips – Ep 412!

They’ve got the 411 from StaySafeOnline’s Vacation and Travel Security Tips, plus they’re throwing in their own nuggets of wisdom. So, whether you’re planning a getaway or just daydreaming about one, listen up for some awesome pointers.

Picture this: you’re on vacation, soaking in the good times. But hold up – don’t get too carried away with gadgets. The more tech you pack, the more you gotta keep an eye on. And honestly, the more gadgets, the more things that could go sideways. So, let’s break it down on how to keep your trip smooth and secure.

Track Your Stuff: Got gadgets with a “find my” feature? Switch that baby on! It’s like a GPS for your lost gear – and get this, you can even zap your data or lock your device if it falls into the wrong hands.

Lock It Up: Your devices need some tough love – give ’em a solid password. Oh, and don’t stop there. If it’s handheld, give it an encryption hug. Even if someone grabs your gear, your info stays on lockdown.

Wi-Fi Wisdom: Surfing the web while on the go? Play it smart. Either roll with a trustworthy Virtual Private Network (VPN) or jump on your phone’s hotspot. But steer clear of sketchy free Wi-Fi and those iffy free VPN services – they could spell trouble.

Guard Your Gear: Buffet calling your name? Bathroom break? Don’t ditch your devices, even for a second. In a blink of an eye, a sneaky thief can swoop in and swipe your stuff.

By keeping these relaxed tips in mind, you’re setting yourself up for a stress-free vacation with your tech sidekicks by your side! Listen to Vacay and Holiday Security Tips – Ep 412 for even more tips for safer travels.