Breach Planning in the Age of Ransomware

Here’s the scenario. Your practice contracts with a firm to back up your data offsite after the practice closes each day. The new data overwrites what was saved the day before (i.e., no version is kept other than the current one). On Monday, by clicking on a link in an email, an employee unknowingly triggers a […]

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Compliance Officer Training Shouldn’t Be Skipped

Know what you need to know? You don’t know what you don’t know, which is why compliance training is so important for your compliance officer. Unfortunately for you, ignorance of the rules is not a defense. Actually, it used to be, but that’s a story for another day. You also don’t want to say, “It’s […]

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Plan Your HIPAA Tasks For 2016

Are you already looking forward to that summer vacation? Do you have it circled in red on your office calendar so your co-workers can see it (and be a little bit jealous?). Although they’re not circled in red, you likely also have times blocked off on your calendar for a dentist visit, an annual physical, […]

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In the zone or just zoned out?

Working with our clients we see similar difficulties in the small and larger organizations. The number one issue in almost every case is having educated, supported, resources available to manage and monitor the Privacy and Security activities and requirements of the organization. Training, monitoring, and regular analysis is what is required to stay on top […]

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It’s the people, people.

When developing training courses for Privacy and Security Awareness programs I keep trying to find new and different ways to get the important points across.  Real world examples seem to make the most impact when it comes to the participation in live training.  That got me to thinking…. It really is all about the people. […]

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HIPAA Compliance Consulting

Ok, so why not try something new

Introducing a podcast designed to provide Privacy and Security compliance information but also with a bit of my odd perspectives thrown in there.  The Help Me With HIPAA podcast features yours truly and David Sims, founder of  David has his own quirks and odd perspectives to throw into the mix.  We hope you will learn a little something […]

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We can do this. It’s easy.

An iconic symbol of on-the-job hilarity is the I Love Lucy episode in the candy factory.  The vision of Ethel and Lucy shoving candy in their mouths, tops, and hats as the conveyor belt moves past can’t help  but make you laugh. Vivian Vance and Lucille Ball ham it up at the chocolate factory in […]

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Someone once said that an optimist is a person who knows if they take one step forward and one step back not to be discouraged, they are just doing the Cha-cha-cha.  I have been trying to take that advice and cha-cha-cha my way through recovery.  As I do so, I realize that is exactly what […]

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Just after the first of the year, I had surgery on my right hand. I have spent the weeks since then adapting to not having full use of that hand for several months as it heals. That is definitely a challenge for someone who is fiercely right-handed. Most of my friends saw the incision that runs from palm […]

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Malware monster wins again!

Takeaways: The latest OCR resolution makes specific points on what OCR considers reasonable and appropriate technical safeguards of the Security Rule.  If you aren’t up to date with all of your software, it does matter very much once malware finds you. There are points in this latest OCR resolution that have been mentioned time and again. […]

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