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Omnibus Final Rule Quick Overview

There is a lot of information to cover in the details of the Final Rule. This article only contains a list of bullet points.  All changes in the 2013 Omnibus Rule are not guaranteed to be included in this list. Each entity should make sure they review all aspects of the Rule with their business […]

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Source: HHS Office for Civil Rights

Small Providers and Business Associates – The Numbers

This blog focuses on Small Providers and Business Associates because they need help getting the compliance requirements under control and documented properly.  The data included in the Final Rule along with recent presentations by the Office for Civil Rights providing a first analysis of the 2012 HIPAA Audits give the numbers that tell us the […]

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What is HIPAA and Why do we need it?

The medical information a patient shares with any healthcare provider should be private information. HIPAA is the formal way to assure patients a provider takes the commitment to protect their medical information seriously. Healthcare providers make three commitments to their patients to give that assurance. Commit to respect the privacy of all healthcare information and […]

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