Being Flexible to Data Security Changes


Michael Cullen is the Practice Administrator and Compliance Officer for The Arthritis Center of North Georgia (ACNG). In this role, he is responsible for making certain the facility, medical personnel and staff are compliant to HIPAA protocols.  Recently, some changes took place in the back-office, and Michael knew he would need assistance to ensure that HIPAA compliance remained consistent. “I’ve known the team at Kardon for many years through our membership with the Georgia Medical Group Management Association,” says Michael. “When it came time to bring in someone to assist with our patient data security protocols, they were the first ones I called.”


Kardon wasted no time getting to work with Michael and the company that manages the facility’s IT. “They came in and started evaluating what we were doing and talked about our goals so they could figure out where we needed to get and how we should go about doing that.” While some areas for improvement were uncovered, they also learned where ACNG was already successful. “They don’t say you need everything. They boil it down to what you need, where you need it and when. It isn’t about selling extra or unnecessary services. It is about assessing current needs with our long-term goals and providing the insights to make better decisions and improve workplace practices.”


With Kardon as their guide, ACNG has implemented new measures that reinforce their dedication to patient data privacy. “We just did our security assessment and they worked closely with our IT company to ensure that we are compliant and everything checked out. Thanks to them, we have new policies and procedures in place that reinforce our commitment to our patients.” Michael continues to work with Kardon through regular coaching calls that keep him up-to-speed on changes in HIPAA regulations that could impact the practice. “I know they have the best interests of both our patients and the facility as a whole in mind each time I work with them. They are incredibly knowledgeable and keep everything efficient, which makes my job that much easier.”

In His Own Words: Michael Cullen, Practice Administrator

Thanks to the guidance from Kardon, we have less anxiety around HIPAA compliance. Their understanding of the healthcare arena is unmatched, and I would recommend that any practice that needs help with compliance reach out to them – you won’t regret it.