The Perfect HIPAA Compliance Partner


As soon as Linda Flaherty started her new role as Corporate Director at Friendship Senior Options (FSO), she set to work ensuring the organization’s data compliance was in check. “Initially I tried to take care of everything myself,” says Linda. “I quickly realized I was in over my head and needed someone who could guide me and keep me on track.” She went to the internet and searched for HIPAA compliance partners and discovered Kardon. “I contacted a couple of potential partners but Kardon’s responsiveness really got my attention. They were quick to get back to me and from the very first conversations, I could tell they knew what they were talking about and that they’d be perfect for us.”


“Initially I wanted them to come in and just ‘fix it’ for me,” recalls Linda. “They helped me realize it’s a process and walked me through what to expect.” Kardon started with an onsite review of FSO’s current data compliance protocols, policies and procedures to find where improvements could be made. “After they did a thorough assessment, they set out the groundwork for everything we needed to do to get up to speed and what we’d need to do going forward to ensure we stayed on track.”


Following Kardon’s HIPAA compliance audit, Linda now has a blueprint for what she needs to do to keep FSO compliant. “They were clear and candid with me with regard to what was needed,” she says. “There’s no sugarcoating anything with them, and I appreciate that.” Linda also receives regular consulting and coaching from Kardon. “My team and I take advantage of their knowledge with weekly calls that keep us updated on regulations. We can ask questions, address issues we may have, and stay on track. They work well with our IT department and are there to guide them as well.” Thanks to the team at Kardon, Linda knows FSO’s HIPAA compliance process is where it needs to be. “When we started, I had a very steep learning curve. Now, we have knowledge and a solid plan.”

In Her Own Words: Linda Flaherty, Corporate Director

It’s clear that Kardon understands healthcare industry data compliance. There is no guesswork when working with their team and I am grateful to have found them – they make HIPAA compliance so much easier.