Compliance is not a one-and-done deal, no matter what anyone tells you. It is an on-going process that requires consistent maintenance and routine training to stay abreast of changes in regulations and technology. Not to mention when you hire new people who must be brought up-to-speed on how to handle patient data within your organization.

Kardon provides training for those just learning about proper HIPAA compliance procedures to those who’ve been around the block and need refreshers. We take your HIPAA compliance as seriously as you do and work to accommodate all levels of learning with both online and in-person sessions.

Webinar Training

Interactive and online!

If online training is more your speed, we host periodic webinars for our clients and can create custom webinars similar to our onsite training programs as well. This can be a great way to ensure you are up-to-date on all the latest compliance requirements in a cost-effective way.

Onsite Training

In person and customized for you!

Kardon comes to your office or organization event and presents a lively session on the privacy and security topics that are pertinent to, and impact, your group. Sessions are customized for your practice and its needs, so you get the necessary training for your specific business needs.

 Workforce Training Portal

Video training in your LMS or ours.

Our online training portal is available for your entire team and provides the full spectrum of our available training options at your fingertips. While not specifically customized for your needs, the information available here is expansive, giving you a variety of options to ensure your employees stay abreast, and reminded, of what they need to do in their daily jobs.

Compliance Officer 3-Day Boot Camp 

Intensive course for understanding how to manage HIPAA!

Our three-day intensive program provides a jump start or brush up for those responsible for implementing and managing HIPAA compliance programs. To learn more, click here.

Executive Reviews

Running the business requires different information.

We’ve spent years working directly with diverse leadership teams and learning what makes every kind tick. Our executive training programs are designed specifically to talk to these needs and address their vision of where your privacy and security programs should be going and how to get there.

    Kardon Phishing Trip

    See how well your workforce can spot a phish!

    Users are the last line of defense against cyberattacks, and phishing attempts happen every single day in every single business. However, those in the healthcare industry are more vulnerable to phishing attacks than most due to high employee turnover and the influx of new employees who may lack previous cybersecurity training. A recent JAMA study found that one of the best ways to avoid these schemes is to conduct simulations on a routine basis. On our phishing trips, we conduct simulated phishing attacks to pinpoint vulnerable areas and create training and policies around how to avoid these intrusions going forward.

    Weekly Podcast Training

    Free HIPAA training every Friday!

    Want to stay up-to-date on HIPAA on your commute? Our weekly podcast Help Me With HIPAA, provides free training, horror stories and practical tips to its audience each Friday morning. And it’s fun too, we promise!

      Don’t see anything listed here that exactly fits the bill for you? Reach out to Kardon about the training you need and we can build it for you.