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HIPAA compliance consulting companies help businesses that must comply with the extensive HIPAA regulations.  The HIPAA regulations provide the guidelines to protect the privacy of protected health information (PHI).  These guidelines are intended to make sure every effort is being made to secure and protect PHI from unauthorized use or disclosures.  In general, healthcare providers of all sizes must follow the same HIPAA guidelines.

Healthcare providers (known as Covered Entities or CEs) aren’t the only ones that have an obligation to comply with HIPAA.  Recent updates to HIPAA regulations require that the businesses that are supporting healthcare providers and have persistent access to PHI to meet  HIPAA standards.  These Business Associates, or BAs, must also prove they have active HIPAA compliance policies and procedures in place.

Kardon Compliance is an Atlanta, GA based HIPAA Compliance Consulting firm that specializes in small provider entities and the businesses that support them. Kardon Compliance is a dba of Kardon Group, LLC which was founded in January 1999.   Since that time, Kardon has been providing technology and systems consulting services in the healthcare market.  Donna Grindle, CHCSP, CHPC is Founder and CEO who has worked in the healthcare industry since 1987.

Our team features 3 highly experienced healthcare professionals that have been supporting and consulting with medical business for years.  In fact, our combined experience in the field of Healthcare IT  is over 75 years. When HIPAA became official in 2003, we were a Business Associate and have always been one since.  Our clients relied on us to help them implement the original rules back then.

HIPAA Compliance Consulting and Services

HIPAA Compliance Consulting

Providing a first-rate compliance assistance solution that meets YOUR needs AND budget is our mission.  We meet your needs with a unique set of compliance assistance solutions designed to customize a plan that works best for your needs.

Our blog, Small Provider HIPAA, is free education to assist you in learning about HIPAA requirements.  Donna is also the co-host of a weekly HIPAA podcast providing free weekly training, Help Me With HIPAA.  Both free training services reflect our efforts to help those with too much on their plate already.

We usually start with an assessment for any new client.  We perform a complete HIPAA assessment that looks at your current HIPAA Security, Privacy, and Breach Rule programs.  Our training programs, coaching programs, and customized HIPAA compliance consulting services give you the help to get that work done.  Our partnerships with other vendors help you use tools and additional resources that you also need.  The OCR has released a new audit protocol in 2016.  So, we also offer an updated Mock Audit to test your compliance against the protocol.

HIPAA Compliance Consulting For Your Business

When it comes to HIPAA compliance, the question isn’t ARE you HIPAA Compliant it’s can you PROVE it.  Kardon Compliance uses creative methods to help all businesses manage their ongoing HIPAA compliance obligations.  HIPAA Compliance consulting focused on helping you do the work of compliance is what Kardon is all about.  Use our Contact Form to send us a note.


Legal Notice
Kardon Group, LLC dba Kardon is not an attorney or legal firm and does not offer binding legal advice concerning regulatory compliance. This blog and the recommendations it contains should not be relied upon or construed as legal advice or a comprehensive compliance plan. The U.S. Department of Health & Human Service (HHS) nor The Office for Civil Rights (OCR) endorse or recognize any private consultants’ or education providers’ seminars, materials or systems, “certifications”, and do not certify any persons or products as “HIPAA compliant”. Kardon Technology, LLC does not warrant any findings or recommendations as approved by HHS or OCR nor do any recommended action taken preclude HHS from subsequently finding a privacy or security violation or breach has occurred. Kardon Compliance is not responsible for any actions taken by HHS or OCR and only offers advice based on experience, education, and evaluations of the provided information.