No two practices are alike, nor are any of the services we provide. While much of our work is more ongoing in nature, there are also special projects that are needed as well. Therefore, along with providing HIPAA compliance and consulting services, we work with healthcare organizations to put in place solid and reliable processes and measures that help you operate efficiently and with confidence.

Incident Response Plan

A well thought out plan saves money.

Do you know what to do if there is a data breach? Would you know how to respond properly? Based on your organization’s individual needs, we create a plan for how to respond to any number of possible incidents, preparing you for all manner of potential breaches. Having a plan ensures that you are able to respond when something happens not just react when something happens.

Policies and Procedures

It is about business decisions not paperwork.

Every business is unique in how it operates. Because of this, having a generic set of policies & procedures just won’t suffice. Unlike other providers, Kardon does not pull from a template to create your P&P. We dive deep into your practice to learn your structure so we can create a customized document that is specific to your organization’s needs now and going forward.

    Business Continuity (Emergency Mode of Operations)

    Just using paper is not a plan.

    In the event of an emergency, like power outages, theft, ransomware or fire, does your organization have a plan in place for how to pick up and keep operating effectively? While you may not like thinking about it, having an emergency plan in place – before it is needed – is vital to minimize downtime and potential loss of irreplaceable documentation. We can help you create a business continuity plan so that you don’t miss a beat.

      Disaster Recovery

      It is more than just having a backup.

      Should your business fall victim to a disaster, it’s imperative that you bring your infrastructure back up quickly to ensure that your data is intact and your patients are cared for at the highest level. We can help with building a plan for recovering your data and evaluating your systems to make certain nothing is left to chance.

      If your organization is looking to cover all the bases and operate with confidence, reach out to Kardon today.