Taking the Bite Out of a Data Scare


As Practice Administrator and Compliance Officer for The Center for Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery (CFOMS), David Nye is responsible for ensuring all proper measures are taken to safeguard patient confidentiality. When a hosting company they had once used had a possible breach, it prompted David to make certain that no matter what, CFOMS’ patient data would be protected. “Kardon has been a long-time business partner with The Georgia Medical Group Management Association where I first became familiar with them,” says David. “I had observed at arms-length some of how they interacted with my peers and colleagues. I began to hear success story after success story of how once Kardon became involved in the practice, compliance and confidence improved dramatically. I learned of them stepping into several ‘crisis’ issues at other practices with great success.”


“The first thing Kardon did when they started working with CFOMS was listen,” recalls David. “This was so important to us. They took in not just the facts but also all the scary scenarios and frantic rantings. They listened carefully and then dived right in to what needed to be done. They clearly laid out our options and began due diligence straight out of the gate.” Kardon created a written plan to guide the process for CFOMS, with regular check-points and follow-ups to keep everyone on track and updated. “They worked extremely well with our team and everyone was at ease with their team. Not only that, they were responsive whenever we had questions or concerns. They responded so fast it seems like they were working 24/7!”


“Thanks to Kardon’s help we were able to ensure that we had measures in place to protect patient data and confidentiality and prevent any potential complications.” In addition to auditing CFOMS’ compliance and providing the needed assessments and on-going steps, Kardon continues to work with them through routine reviews and coaching. “Having them on board for regular touches helps keep our compliance plan on track and prevents any new scares. They are now a permanent partner with us on all things HIPAA, compliance and cybersecurity. I consider them the leading edge experts when it comes to these needs and would recommend them to others without a shadow of reservation.”

In His Own Words: David Nye, Practice Administrator & Compliance Officer

They understand healthcare and HIPAA compliance like no other provider out there. This, coupled with their ability to really get to know your practice, makes them the go-to for patient data privacy.