The Magical Document

What does WFH mean? Whisky Foxtrot Hotel not What The… know? Here is a hint. If your business is still running, you may have one or maybe a bunch of these WFH situations. Listen to Donna and David in Episode 248 to learn what this secret code is and what David remembers about Whisky Foxtrot Hotel, personally.

How do you reboot your business?  While you may have some down time, take advantage of the free online cybersecurity, COVID-19, and telehealth webinars that are being offered by many organizations.  You can also catch up or better yet, listen to every Help Me With HIPAA podcast. Just kidding… well, maybe.  But do take advantage of this time to do things you think you don’t have time to do when you are fully up and running.

Pop quiz… What are two things you should have had in place before this pandemic hit?  What are those magical wonders called?  A Risk Analysis and a Business Continuity Plan.

Don’t beat yourself up if you don’t have them right now, but do not put it off any longer.  Think about what happened to your business during this pandemic and write it down. What changes did you make to do telemedicine or allow your staff to work from home?  What will you have to undo or redo once everyone is back at the office?  What things went right and what could have been done better?  I bet a year ago, if someone asked you what the likelihood of a pandemic would be and how it would affect your business, you probably would have blown them off.  Well, what about now?  You need to consider all the other risks you thought would never happen and create a plan for them.  Do a thorough risk analysis and create a plan of action.  COVID-19 has been a very difficult wake up call to many businesses.  Do this now so the next crisis may not be so difficult to adjust to.